Eden Group Clients


Gary Gradley Partner/CEO
Delta Synergy Group

"Canada's Premier Performance Enhancement Company"
Burlington, ON; Vancouver, BC and Cochrane, AB

"Jan worked with me for over a year which proved to be a most valuable experience. With her skills of clarity and discernment, insight and expertise she showed me the value of shifting my personal and professional perceptions. This allowed me to become the observer of my life and business and see what I was not doing and not hearing that would inevitably sabotage my ultimate goals and objectives. Some of the astute business mechanisms Jan gave me were how to:

Jan is a "Big Thinker". Her conviction is she believes anything is possible with the right proactive strategy and action plan. Her pragmatic process based on years of business and coaching experience was very impressive. I always felt honoured at the highest level. She exceeded my expectations by delivering maximum value and doing what was right for me.

At times she was more dedicated to the process than I. She definitely "walks her talk" which I respected the most. The financial investment made was most worthwhile. I would highly recommend Jan Eden for those who want to develop beyond their edge in business and life."



Henry Dunfield
President CEO

HD Energy.
Calgary, AB

"Jan and I began our work together when the price per barrel had dropped to $19 per barrel. At that time she helped me to heal from a previous business partnership that had gone in a different direction. I was probably at my lowest point of rebuilding my company plus my self esteem and self confidence. Together we began rebuilding. She taught me so much about myself and the impact my belief in myself had on what I attracted into my life. I learned to trust myself all over again. It was a slow process but I now feel without Jan's coaching it would have taken a lot longer to realize the exceptional gifts I have in spotting excellent business opportunities that inevitably create financial growth. Today the price per barrel hovers around $65 and growing. One of the greatest lessons learned from Jan is that who I attract into my business is a reflection of me. Recognizing this I have since sought out greater expertise that not only complements my strengths but protects me in the areas that are not my focus or my strength. Don't hesitate to hire Jan Eden. You will be gratefully amazed at the positive transformation you will experience."